Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School, Study, Planning: Love the Combo

Here is a picture of Eric and I. I just had to put something else on my blog because I feel so bad that I have had NO time to update it. Eric and I are having a blast going to school together. We live in the library, go to class, and plan the wedding here and there. We are so excited because everything that is coming along so well... thanks to my wonderful mom. We love her and appreciate her so much. We are also grateful for everyone else and their help. This picture is in Brian Head. I can't let you see any others because they are potential engagement pictures. ha ha! We were lucky to have a little break in Brian Head for the weekend... even if we had to balance play and homework.... plus, there was a surprise trip to Vegas on Saturday to get fitted for my dress. We are busy but it's fun because we are together.