Friday, January 21, 2011


For Christmas, Eric totally surprised me and got me a serger. I had no idea it was coming. He did all the research. He even talked to my sewing professors to figure out which was the best one to get. He watched them online and got me a used one on ebay for a great price. Then he had it sent to Vegas. When we were in Vegas, he had it serviced. When he went to pick it up, I thought he was just getting a Christmas present for my parents. So ya... he is totally awesome. I use the serger to sew all the straight seams on the bibs that I sell. I also love using the serger when hemming pants because a zig zag seam finish just doesn't do justice. Here is a little girls coat that I made. I serged all the edges to finish them off and it looks great. Needless to say, after teaching sewing at BYU, I knew that I had to have a serger some day (I just didn't know that day would come so soon!) If you sew, they are so practical because they really speed up the process and give great results.

Saturday, January 1, 2011