Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ringer Family 2010

The Grandchildren

Caleb's sad face is too cute.

Cute Parents!!!!!

Our family pic isn't as cool as the others' because we don't have cute kids like them:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Trip to Logan

This weekend we met up with Mont and Melinda and they took us to one of our favorite restaurants. In Brigham City, on the way to Logan, hitting up Maddocks is a MUST. Along with the food, their rolls and raspberry butter is to die for. Then we made our way up to Grandma Ringers. Eric and I love staying at Grandma Ringer because you can always count on Grandma to rent random movies just for our visit, lots of food, and dessert too. We also got to visit Grandma Kathy. She is always fun to visit with and share an Italian sandwich with. We saw Meesh's in an encore of "The Hanging of El Bandito." She did a great job. I make fun of her because she had to kiss a married man in the play. Meesh is super talented and if you didn't catch Bandito, you have got to see the sequal this summer. It's called "Bandito Rides Again!" ...... I think that's what they called it.

Zach's Annual Tourni

Eric and I really enjoyed seeing Zach play in the UVU tourni. Ben came down to see the action as well... and he is an annoying spectator. He gets me riled up and together we can become the opposing team's nightmare. We think it's funny to make noises when the other team is serving. Last year when Joe Hillman was serving, me and Ben made him miss. He flipped us the bird. Way to represent, as a former BYU volleyball player/national champoin! It was funny. This year we didn't ruffle any feathers.... except for a bench warmer that offered to meet Eric outside after the game. hahahaha That was a crack up.

My dad was there and we also got to see Kate, Justin, and their adorable kids. Grandpa, Greg, and Ray even made it to one game. We always have a blast at this tourni and we can't wait for next year's.