Monday, December 20, 2010

Ginger Bread House!

Me, Eric, Zach, and Meesh made this creation. It was so much fun. I love Christmas!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I did it guys! I just finished my last day of college/student teaching. I am a Family and Consumer Science Teacher! My amazing supervisor Marci said, "You just made it through school so you can go back to school!" She is right! I will be going to schools next semester as a substitute teacher. Then we will be heading out to dental school! I am so proud of Eric. He works so hard to get good grades and stay motivated in his BYU classes, even though he knows he is already accepted to dental school. It is Friday night (finals are next week) and he is studying in the library right now. He has been there all day (minus meal breaks) You go Eric!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Big One

Congrats to Zach and the team of professionals (Dad the master guide, big brother Nate the Scoping Specialist, big brother Ben the videographer, and Uncle Jeff Big Horn specialist) on the hunt of the century. Zach got the biggest big horn sheep this earth has ever known. Eric and I are proud of you. We can't wait to see the unvailing of the Big Horn Sheep video that you guys spent 100+ hours on. I can't wait to hear this hunting adventure story retold over and over for the next thirty or more years.
p.s. I have never seen Dad so happy about a hunt and that is saying alot
p.p.s Dad, will you still remember my 3 X narly hunt??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Spooky Halloween

This is how my Halloween Saturday went. Zach comes over at 10 am. He makes me and Eric a scrumptious waffle breakfast. Then Zach has plans for me to make his Halloween costume. He wants to be a sock monkey. I thought it was a cool idea so I agreed. We got all the supplies and I went to work. I spent the rest of the afternoon making this puppy!... or should I say monkey.

I am happy how it turned out. Then we get an invite to Clara's halloween/birthday party. The party was at Katy and Justin's and it was a pleasant surprise to find out that all my family/nieces/nephews are in town!!

Eric and I went trick or treating with all the kids and I had a BLAST! I can't wait until I can take my own kids trick or treating. I took Vivi through a haunted house that one house set up in their garage. Props to them... it was awesome... I think I was more scared than Vivi:) I also made Katy, my scaredy cat sister-in-law through. p.s. The gated community by Justin and Katy's home gives out king size candy bars like crazy.

Oh yes, and I can't forget to mention our totally awesome ward Halloween Party. Eric and I didn't dress up because we went straight from his inter mural soccer game. He was a "dirty soccer player." We were thinking about being a deer and hunter, but we are so glad we didn't because there were TWO COUPLES who came as bambi and a hunter. It's just an easy idea when you already have camo. This Halloween was great because last year I was on a hunt so I didn't get to do all the games, parties, pumpkin carving, and other spooky holiday festivities.

Also: Props to pop corn and cotton candy couple at my ward party... props to Obama and Michelle couple at my ward party... they looked legit.... and props to the couple two doors down who finally took the Chucky doll down from their window. I was scared for my life every time I had to walk by it. (My BF's out there know that was like my biggest fear growing up)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Student Teaching at Kearns

I loved my first experience teaching high school. I taught at Kearns which is west of Salt Lake. I am at my second school and I have missed Kearns so much. All the students were so chill and down to earth. These are some of my students in Adult Roles and Financial Responsibilities. These pictures are during a "Build High Activity" at the beginning of my Career Planning Unit. I gave them a couple minutes to build with construction paper as high as they can, but they couldn't use anything except paper. To determine the winner, the highest and strongest tower won. To test for strength, I blew on their towers. They of course all fell down. The second time I let them use any supports they wanted. They could use tape, paper clips, and glue. They got creative because I said they could use anything to support their towers. Then I likened their first towers to a job and their second stronger towers to a career. The supports they used were an analogy for education and anything that increase human capital. They had fun and so did I:)

I didn't get any pictures from my sewing class but it was one of my favorite classes to teach. They made stuffed animal snakes, equipment bags, pillow cases, and I taught them about textiles before they started their pajama pants. I was really sad to leave before that project.

This is my fashion strategies class. I taught them about the fashion careers and then we had our own "Project Runway" in which each member of the group was assigned a different fashion career. (designer, textile designer, technical illustrator, pattern maker, etc.) I also got to teach them about the elements of design (color, pattern, texture, shape, line) It was a blast.

Oh and I can't forget to mention how grateful I am to have such an amazing cooperating teacher. Her name is Carrie Mollerup and she is so nice. We came to be friends. She was so helpful and she gave me complete control of these classes. It really was a great experience. I miss Kearns!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


The Rhino is for sale... anyone interested?
Mont and Melinda
Luke is a champion water skier!

Wake surfing... Jordan.

I love tubing pictures. These kids faces are awesome. Here is Eric, Kaleb, Luke, and Ollie.
Isaac, Luke, and Ollie. Peace!!
Me and Eric. We were holding on for our lives. Matt rocked us a few times.
Eric and Jordan.
Treasure Hunting!!!!!

Lily looks a little concerned... she is a scardy cat
Not Ollie

This is Lily's goofy face.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fishing the Provo

The boys fished the Provo River on the way to Montana and on the way back. They fished the Madison and the Gallatin Rivers and Provo was the best... as always.