Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Projects!!!

This is the rug that I am braiding. It is getting pretty close to being finished. I'm so happy that my grandma taught me how to braid rugs because it truly is a lost art and now I can always have a bit of Grandma Baugh with me. I originally started this rug with intentions of making it big enough for a whole family to kneel and pray on... we'll see if I can get it that big. If not, at least Eric and I are a small family right now:)

I am also making a dress form. This next semester I will be taking a pattern making class. In this class we will learn how to use a dress form and learn how to drape. I am pretty excited. Dress forms cost over 200 dollars, but my professor showed me how to make a personalized one for the cost of two old t-shirts and a couple rolls of duck tape:)