Thursday, December 11, 2008

16 Days, and 1 hour, and 45 Minutes!!!!

Eric and I can't believe how close our wedding date is. We both don't feel like it's real but we're thinking once we get through finals it will seem less surreal. We are also so excited about Christmas. We are already planning a gingerbread house making challenge. I held a center where me and my preschoolers made gingerbread houses. I should have taken a picture of what these four year olds did... it was amazing. Anyway, I have extra materials that Eric and I can use. I also want to watch the Grinch 50 times and Elf 52 times to catch up to me and Rachel Orr's rate from last holiday season. Well, I am so excited about everything that is going to happen in the next three weeks. It's mind blowing... I am going to be married? In two weeks? I'll have a husband!! Crazy Crazy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Engagement Pictures!

Ok, guys, I'm giving in... I didn't want you to see our engagement pictures until they came out in our invitations but I am having trouble choosing the best one. Help me out!!! I need your input.
#2 #3#4
On a more serious note... Thank you so much for taking our pictures Mom and Kate. Thanks for working with Eric and I, even though we are goofballs and we aren't always the best at cooperating. We love you and thank you for all your time to help us out.


I also have to remember to give a special thanks to Michele. She feeds Eric and I Subway with her dining plus all the time. We are so grateful for her looking out for us. She always thinks of us when going to eat on campus. We always enjoy this time spent with her and her good friend Sarah. They are so fun to be around. Thanks Meesh! Love, Eric and Jillian

Hello Friends!

So, it's been too long since I've done two things. The first is blog... the second, and most important thing I have neglected to do, is to say hi and catch up with some of my very best friends. I have been playing phone tag with some of you. As silly as this sounds, sometimes even a missed call from any of you makes my day because I knew you were thinking of me. I just have to say that I love you girls so much and I am so grateful for how you have touched me. All of you have made me so happy as I have felt your love and support throughout the past decade or more. I want you girls to realize how grateful I am for you even though we all live in different places and play phone tag. I can't wait to see my best friends again soon!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School, Study, Planning: Love the Combo

Here is a picture of Eric and I. I just had to put something else on my blog because I feel so bad that I have had NO time to update it. Eric and I are having a blast going to school together. We live in the library, go to class, and plan the wedding here and there. We are so excited because everything that is coming along so well... thanks to my wonderful mom. We love her and appreciate her so much. We are also grateful for everyone else and their help. This picture is in Brian Head. I can't let you see any others because they are potential engagement pictures. ha ha! We were lucky to have a little break in Brian Head for the weekend... even if we had to balance play and homework.... plus, there was a surprise trip to Vegas on Saturday to get fitted for my dress. We are busy but it's fun because we are together.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Hunnington Beach, CA
Ollie and Lily wanted to be burried too!

Eric made sand castles with Lily...

...While I took a nap.

Monday, August 25, 2008


My mom, Eric, and I got into the evening show the Saturday we were in California. It was so good and even more fun to see it with Eric.... the last three times I had to go without him. haha Wicked is my favorite musical by far.

August Weddings

This weekend I went to CA for my good friend's wedding. Katie was gorgeousand she and Cameron looked so happy. Congratulations!

Rachel was one of the bridesmaid with me and I hadn't seen her since her reception. It was nice to see her there with her HUSBAND!? Congrats to you guys as well. I love you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Wizawd Fun"

I went to Lake Powell with the Ringer's and had a blast. Eric and I went lizard hunting a few times because I think it is such a big thrill to catch them. (They are so FAST!) We brought them back to the house boat and dug a huge hole to make a home for our lizards. Luke, Isaac, and Noah got to play with them and then I brought them home for Lily and Ollie. Lily says, "The wizawds r so coot!" She broke the tail off the baby one and every day since she says, "I cut the tail... I'm so saw-we Jill." haha She loves them even more than Ollie surprisingly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Team Edward

Eric was nice enough to go to Borders with me at midnight to buy a copy of Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series. I was so excited to read it right then but I knew I shouldn't because Eric and I only have an hour or two to hang out everyday because of our work. He could tell how ancy I was so he agreed to read it to me aloud, despite the fact that he says "It takes away from his manhood." What guy is willing to read a vampire chick flick aloud to his girl? I consider myself extremely lucky. Since then, Eric and I have formed a routine where he reads me a few pages everyday. Secretly I think he is into it now because he won't let me read it without him. No one tell me the ending because we still have the last 1/3 left to read. p.s. I think I'm on team Edward, but secretly I wish Jacob got his share of Bella too.. haha!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


For Jeremy's birthday we went on a triple date to Carrabbas and then we saw Jersey Boys at the Palazzo. The singing was so awesome and so fun but I don't recommend the show to anyone because the language was horrible.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday=Lake Day

I didn't go to work today. I went to the Lake with all the bug boys! We went wakeboarding and did some serious cliff jumping.

In this picture I am falling... I'm trying to catch up with my shadow.

This next one is of Eric and my brother Justin. They are crazy!!! Eric looks like a monkey.

The one after that is the highest jump of the day. Eric and Justin look ant-size up there. I was scared for them.

The last picture is Eric falling because he jumped from a higher spot then me. "WE'RE CRAZY PEOPLE!"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Biking in Brian Head

Biking Bunker Creek Trail was insane. I fell off my bike and Eric made a couple sweet dismounts himself. Jeremy thinks he's the next Lance Armstrong. He says he wants some spandex with butt pads in them for his birthday coming up. My dad is a trooper... he never lagged behind and he is the only one who didn't fall off his bike at anytime of the 13 mile mountain bike adventure.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fancy Date

Eric was sweet to remember a promise he made to me in a letter almost two years ago. He promised to take me to Hugo's Cellar when he got back from his mission. This restaurant is significant to us because we went there as our last date before he left for Wisconsin. Now it is the place of our first date since he's been back.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008


Wow, I had so much fun on our Alaska adventure this year. My dad takes me and my brothers fishing every June to catch the salmon run on the Nushagak. I love this trip because each year I am able to see how much my dad cares about family togetherness. I know my dad doesn't plan this trip annually for himself. I know this because for the last ten years I've been, I have never seen my dad reel in his own fish. Each time he hooks a fish he hands the pole to me or another sibling. Zach and I tried to get him to reel in his own fish on this trip. Zach refused and I pretended to be too tired when he got one. My dad was begging Zach and I to come get his pole. The fish was getting slack so he had to start reeling. At this point he yelled, "Jill, DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!" I jumped up and couldn't help but enjoy reeling in that fish. My dad is happy when we are catching fish and having fun. His family motto is, "A family that fishes together stays together."
This is the very first fish of the trip and I caught it! It's so small!
The first couple days were really slow because the salmon weren't in yet. We didn't let ourselves get bored. We went straight for the river. Jumping in the Nush is a thrill for us because it is SO COLD!

After that, the fish came in and we were all hooking into the big ones!

The last day I caught two really big ones near 30 pounds. (My dad hooked one of them) I had to fight one of them for 15-20 minutes. Every time I thought I got it close to the boat, it took out my line again. I love fishing for salmon!

We also did well halibut fishing. We all caught our limit, told jokes, laughed hysterically, and bugged our captains to death for the latter of the three.

(We saw these dahl sheep on the way to Seward.)

(And these are my lucky rain boots that I wore all week.)