Sunday, August 10, 2008

Team Edward

Eric was nice enough to go to Borders with me at midnight to buy a copy of Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series. I was so excited to read it right then but I knew I shouldn't because Eric and I only have an hour or two to hang out everyday because of our work. He could tell how ancy I was so he agreed to read it to me aloud, despite the fact that he says "It takes away from his manhood." What guy is willing to read a vampire chick flick aloud to his girl? I consider myself extremely lucky. Since then, Eric and I have formed a routine where he reads me a few pages everyday. Secretly I think he is into it now because he won't let me read it without him. No one tell me the ending because we still have the last 1/3 left to read. p.s. I think I'm on team Edward, but secretly I wish Jacob got his share of Bella too.. haha!


Brittany Benson said...

haha i love this. Eric is also going to come to some gym classes with us right?

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

lol funny Jill! I know Eric is totally into it, no shame in that. You know Jaren is reading it too cuz he's gotta see what all the fuss is about, plus guys like super power stuff & a love story that gets them a little more action after each read!!