Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday=Lake Day

I didn't go to work today. I went to the Lake with all the bug boys! We went wakeboarding and did some serious cliff jumping.

In this picture I am falling... I'm trying to catch up with my shadow.

This next one is of Eric and my brother Justin. They are crazy!!! Eric looks like a monkey.

The one after that is the highest jump of the day. Eric and Justin look ant-size up there. I was scared for them.

The last picture is Eric falling because he jumped from a higher spot then me. "WE'RE CRAZY PEOPLE!"


Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Hey Jill, You and Eric are soo cute and you are all Crazy for jumping off all those cliffs. I would have loved to join you, but not Jaren he is too chicken, not monkey like Eric :) You should marry that bug boy, I married my bug boy and look how good life is!

Vegas Anderson Clan said...

You guys are way too cute together. Yes, life is great marrying bug boys, so get on it okay. We are all waiting for you to start planning the "Big Day" as Nate put it. :)

Jamie Jo said...

YA HOOO!!! itty bitty jilly willy... I freakin finally found your dang blog! I love it! I had to find it through the Zobrists' blogs... why don't any of your family members have you listed- LAME! Well, wether you like it or not, your added to MY list! I love the CRAP out of you, and wish I could see you every day! I LOVED having you sleep over here.
Which reminds me... would Eric let you do that if you were married? If not, DUMP HIM! We need to have spendovers FOREVER! Even when we're grandma's!
Love ya!

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

JIlly WIlly I'm waiting for your lake powell pics & lizard catches :) love ya