Thursday, December 11, 2008

16 Days, and 1 hour, and 45 Minutes!!!!

Eric and I can't believe how close our wedding date is. We both don't feel like it's real but we're thinking once we get through finals it will seem less surreal. We are also so excited about Christmas. We are already planning a gingerbread house making challenge. I held a center where me and my preschoolers made gingerbread houses. I should have taken a picture of what these four year olds did... it was amazing. Anyway, I have extra materials that Eric and I can use. I also want to watch the Grinch 50 times and Elf 52 times to catch up to me and Rachel Orr's rate from last holiday season. Well, I am so excited about everything that is going to happen in the next three weeks. It's mind blowing... I am going to be married? In two weeks? I'll have a husband!! Crazy Crazy!


Amy Marie said...

Oh Jill!! YAY!!!!!!! ahh I am so ecstatic for you... you give another meaning to Happy Holidays... so Happy Holidays!

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Oh yeah baby! Let me tell you how this will be your best christmas yet! I am so dang excited for you and eric that I can hardly stand it! I'm counting down the days too :) You are guys are the cutest!

Vegas Anderson Clan said...

Did someone forget to tell Britney that Santa said that this would be your last Happy Christmas? hahahaha I loved that comment at the Christmas Party. We are so excited to have Eric officially in the family, although he already has been initiated by Austin at Disneyland before the mission. :)Oh, and tell him that Austin's eye is still a bit red. :) haha. We love you guys and can't wait for you to join the world of marriage.

The Rollo Crew said...

Sorry I missed your bridal shower last was so crazy that day and I called my mom crying when I realized I had missed it! Please forgive me cousin...I promise I will make it up to you! :)

XOXO Melanie

Burt family said...

Wow- can you believe you're married now?? The wedding was beautiful- dance party fun- and we were so glad to be a part of it! Congrats Eric and Jill. Hope Cabo is fun!
love ya,