Monday, June 30, 2008


Wow, I had so much fun on our Alaska adventure this year. My dad takes me and my brothers fishing every June to catch the salmon run on the Nushagak. I love this trip because each year I am able to see how much my dad cares about family togetherness. I know my dad doesn't plan this trip annually for himself. I know this because for the last ten years I've been, I have never seen my dad reel in his own fish. Each time he hooks a fish he hands the pole to me or another sibling. Zach and I tried to get him to reel in his own fish on this trip. Zach refused and I pretended to be too tired when he got one. My dad was begging Zach and I to come get his pole. The fish was getting slack so he had to start reeling. At this point he yelled, "Jill, DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!" I jumped up and couldn't help but enjoy reeling in that fish. My dad is happy when we are catching fish and having fun. His family motto is, "A family that fishes together stays together."
This is the very first fish of the trip and I caught it! It's so small!
The first couple days were really slow because the salmon weren't in yet. We didn't let ourselves get bored. We went straight for the river. Jumping in the Nush is a thrill for us because it is SO COLD!

After that, the fish came in and we were all hooking into the big ones!

The last day I caught two really big ones near 30 pounds. (My dad hooked one of them) I had to fight one of them for 15-20 minutes. Every time I thought I got it close to the boat, it took out my line again. I love fishing for salmon!

We also did well halibut fishing. We all caught our limit, told jokes, laughed hysterically, and bugged our captains to death for the latter of the three.

(We saw these dahl sheep on the way to Seward.)

(And these are my lucky rain boots that I wore all week.)

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karly angela zobrist said...

I love it.
remember when I would come over on saturdays and would help you do some of your chores, like scratching your dads head? thats funny, I can´t wait until I´m home we will make cookies next sunday (and watch project runway!)
also, I love the picture of you and eric´s bottoms