Sunday, October 31, 2010

Student Teaching at Kearns

I loved my first experience teaching high school. I taught at Kearns which is west of Salt Lake. I am at my second school and I have missed Kearns so much. All the students were so chill and down to earth. These are some of my students in Adult Roles and Financial Responsibilities. These pictures are during a "Build High Activity" at the beginning of my Career Planning Unit. I gave them a couple minutes to build with construction paper as high as they can, but they couldn't use anything except paper. To determine the winner, the highest and strongest tower won. To test for strength, I blew on their towers. They of course all fell down. The second time I let them use any supports they wanted. They could use tape, paper clips, and glue. They got creative because I said they could use anything to support their towers. Then I likened their first towers to a job and their second stronger towers to a career. The supports they used were an analogy for education and anything that increase human capital. They had fun and so did I:)

I didn't get any pictures from my sewing class but it was one of my favorite classes to teach. They made stuffed animal snakes, equipment bags, pillow cases, and I taught them about textiles before they started their pajama pants. I was really sad to leave before that project.

This is my fashion strategies class. I taught them about the fashion careers and then we had our own "Project Runway" in which each member of the group was assigned a different fashion career. (designer, textile designer, technical illustrator, pattern maker, etc.) I also got to teach them about the elements of design (color, pattern, texture, shape, line) It was a blast.

Oh and I can't forget to mention how grateful I am to have such an amazing cooperating teacher. Her name is Carrie Mollerup and she is so nice. We came to be friends. She was so helpful and she gave me complete control of these classes. It really was a great experience. I miss Kearns!!!


Erin said...

Hello my favorite cousins! Jill I just had to say thanks for the beautiful burp cloths! Seriously you have talent. We needed new ones too. Maybe you should come teach me some of your mad skills. Just sayin, come over. :)

Melinda said...

You are such an amazing teacher! I can tell you loved the experience. When I did student teaching, I enjoyed the high school scene much more than the junior high as well! You're the best! See you this weekend.
Love, Melinda