Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Eric and I had a great Valentines Day. He had a test that he had to take so he was on campus studying. That gave me time to make his valentine at home. I used the scraps from making Zach's halloween costume and I am quite pleased with the finished product. I was so excited to give it to Eric. Eric really liked it too... he named him Mr. Monkey.
As for Eric's Valentine to me.... I was telling my friend that I really wanted an ice cream cake for Valentines day, but I didn't want to tell Eric because I knew he already got something and I didn't want him to feel bad if it wasn't an ice cream cake. Eric is on a roll with getting me exactly what I want. For some reason, he started calling me "Jilly-Goat" a few months ago.... even though I didn't like it... but it kinda stuck... oh well.