Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ok guys, Here are some pictures from the most awesome honeymoon ever!! Eric and I really enjoyed Cabo. I secretly want to quit school and go back and vacation.

So, here is the first thing you should know about our trip. If you were to see us at any given point, our profiles would look like these two pictures. Eric and I had a massive amount of PINA COLADAS. We actually learned how to order them so that they don't have alcohol in them. The correct term is "PINADAS" and not "Pina coladas." We only had to send them back once before learning this. haha

We had some awesome meals too. This was just a pizza at the resturant at our resort. It is right on the beach. I like this picture because you can see my new cool sweater that Eric and I bartered for.

This is a picture of our dinner one night. Our waiter in the picture asked us, "Do you like our authentic mexican party?" He was sweet. He gave us complementary beers or alcohol of some sort which we kindly had to send back.

Here is a picture of our sweet resort called "Fiestamericana" which we love and miss to the fullest.
One day our main activity was to swim with dolphins. This was my favorite for sure. We got to swim with them and as our consierge would say, "You can toouch them, and keese them, and they will yump over you." Our dolphin's name was Osiris. Osiris kissed me for twenty seconds, no lie... and then came back for another kiss. It was funny.
(Eric and I watched the dolphins while waiting to get suited up.
We also got to go on a sail boat ride that took us snorkeling. This was Eric's favorite activity. We saw tons of fish and the water wasn't even that cold. Eric chased the fish and went down deep and I watched him from the top.
We also spent a lot of time on the beach.

On New Years Eve, I fell asleep at 9:30.. haha! I was so tired from all that days activities. Eric woke me up at midnight to look at the fire works outside our balcony. They were seriously as good as Stadium of Fire!! I went right back to sleep after watching. haha

The morning after New Years Eve we woke up to go fishing at 7AM. I figured it was something I had to do in honor of my fisherman dad. Our bobbers or indicators were water bottles. Our sinkers were rocks from the beach, and our bate was frozen squid. With the tide going out, we didn't catch a thing but it was still a funny experience and we were just happy to do something silly together.

We also went ATVing which was a fun adventure. Some guy in our group rolled his and messed up the handle bars. Me and Eric kept it real because we didn't want to get insurance on our ATV. We stopped by the beach and took some pictures.

Our resort holds regular activities and games everyday. We entered into a ping pong contest. I lost to an 80 yr old lady named Virginia. Eric beat the really good mexican guy running the tourni and he also beat Virginia to be the champion.

We spent some time our resorts pools too. They had pool side bars that we took advantage of too. We love Pinadas!!!

On the last day, we were chillin at out resort waiting to leave. It was sad but in that time to kill I fed this bird my cookie crumbs and it got way close to me.



Michele Ringer said...
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karly angela zobrist said...

your bathing suit looks hot
great shopping eric
way to be so darn cute jilly

Amanda said...

how cute!!! you guys look great!! i hope you guys had a good time with my present i got you!!!!

Jamie Jo said...

Jill... that looks SO FREAKIN NICE! We just went to Cabo a few months ago, and that place is SWEET! I'm SUPER jelous of your swimming with the dolphins experience. I REALLY wanted to do that when I went. In fact, that's ALL I cared about doing- but everyone was being totall bummers about how expensive it was. Well, your fun picts make me miss my honey moon back in the day! Well, your wedding was a total BLAST... I wish we could do it again, I had so much fun:)
and ps: was the dolphins truly your MAIN activity on that honeymoon??? Really? hahaha, just kiddin:)

jaclyn anderson said...

Oh my gosh Jill I wouldn't want to go back to Provo either after that! I am so jealous you got to swim with dolphins and get kisses from them! I have always wanted to do that! How much fun! I'm glad you guys had a good time!

Kathy Anderson said...

Cute pictures Jill and Eric!!! Who kisses better..Eric or the Dolphins? I am happy you had a wonderful time. Thank you Eric for taking my jilly willy on the most wonderful honeymoon. You are a wonderful couple and I love you both to pieces!!! Mom (Kathy_)

Burt family said...

So fun! Cabo is great and it looks like you guys loved it! Eric, Just be glad you didn't have any little kids running around your room ( know what I mean? ) We love you both!
Nat & Matt

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

lOoks romantic & like a lot of fun! I'm glad you guys got to do so much :) I asked Vivy if she wanted to swim with the dolphins too, and she said, "no, I could drowned!" lol