Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My First Hunt

Justin and I both had mule deer tags in the Ruby Mountains near Wells, Nevada. My dad, Nate and Eric came to help us get our deer. It was a lot of hiking, alot of glassing, but it was worth it. Hiking up to the deer, being sneaky, quiet, and setting up to shoot was exciting. Shooting the deer gave me an adrenaline rush. Nate helped me get set up to shoot. Justin was going to back me up if I missed. I missed my first two shots, but the buck didn't go anywhere so Justin didn't have to back me up. Nate put his coat underneath my gun to steady my shot. I got him on the third shot. It was so thrilling... (and I never thought shooting a deer could be fun) Then right after we got my deer, Justin got his on the same ridge but opposite direction of where my buck was. He got a much bigger buck than me. My dad and brothers said my first two shots were practice because I had never shot that gun before. My deer's left antler has a weird horn and is a bit deformed. I think my deer probably got teased growing up. My dad said "It's good for your first buck" haha Thanks for helping me get my first deer Eric, Dad, Justin, and Nate. I had a great time and now Eric and I have a freezer full of meat. :)

This is my deer. Justin's is the 5x3 and mine is the "3x narly"


Melinda said...

Love your update! You are an amazing deer hunter - thanks for the pictures! Loved them. And I loved the picture of Jeremy on his mission - baptizing in the ocean - what a great experience. He's got a great smile on his face - that's a proud missionary smile!
Love you and Eric,

Michele Ringer said...

ew... ew... ew... ew.... ew.... ew....ew... ew.... ew.... ew... ew... ew... ew...

karly said...

Jill! you are such a woman!! I like going shooting but i always wonder if I could ever shoot an animal. You're wild!
You need to post sewing project pictures

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Way to go Jill!! Now you know how much fun it is, I think you did a fine job for your first kill. I think his narly horn adds character to your first buck.