Sunday, July 11, 2010

ALASKA 2010!!!!!!!!!

Ok so this summer is full of firsts! This year was Eric's first trip to Alaska. We had tons of fun, but I will admit that the fish weren't running as well as they usually do. We did catch our limit though so we are happy.

I caught the first. Here it is.
Biggest catch of the week..... until Zach broke the record near the end of the week!

Desperate times, come for desperate measures..... CHUM fishin'!!

Daddy with a FISH ON

I caught an arctic grayling, when I was hoping for a 40 lbs. salmon. Darn! At least I caught something:)Sitting, waiting, wishing, fishing!

Thanks for taking me and Eric fishing Dad.
The other boat.... Our boat (me, Eric, Justin, and Dad) caught more fish. Probably because my dad is a master guide.
Aint nuthin but a nusha thing!

Fox! Fox! This year there was a fox in our camp! And it was a momma fox! We got her little pups to come out with salmon jerky. When we were desperate to catch fish, we went for the northern pike. We brought 2 back to camp and she stole one while we were inside. We cooked it up... p.s. it's not tasty... and fed the rest to her.


The ORR Family said...

fox fox!

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

looks like fun, jealous I couldn't come! Darn those nursing babies :)