Monday, August 8, 2011

36 Weeks

The belly. I figured if I never took one picture throughout this whole pregnancy, I might regret it after the fact. Hence.. the first prego pic of myself.
New symptom as of late... sausage fingers and baby carrot toes. My hands and feet have been swollen lately. I had to take off my wedding ring a couple days ago.. sadness.


The ORR Family said...

I adore this. I miss you. So soon. And I like your jacket. said...

Oh Jilly! I'm sorry you are so swollen - but it usually happens on the last few weeks! Hang in there girl!
Love you,

Aubry T Jensen said...

Congratulations Jill & Eric! I just found your blog and am so excited for you both:) You are going to be great parents! Jada just loved you when you held her for me. I cant wait to see pictures of your cute little girl. Girls are so fun to dress up and the cutest! Congrats again. We miss you guys.