Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Latest Projects

I bought this at goodwill for 5 bucks.. it just needed a quick alteration... (Left side is baggy, Right is altered thanks to my serger)Throw pillow makeover 1
Throw pillow makeover 2
Wreath for more door. I sew clothes... so "crafting" is a new thing for me... Everyone thinks I am "crafty" but I am so not. Sewing requires a machine and crafts use glue. I bought my first glue gun to do Ruth's headbands and this wreath. Crafts are good for me because I can actually finish stuff like this... Sewing projects take me way longer and I get sick of them by the end of it.
I finally got paint for the frames that were the wrong color... I just need to hang these up and I will gradually put things in the frames... or not.. I don't feel like I have to but Eric thinks that's weird so I would be doing it to make him happy. I really want a frame that is big enough to frame Ruth's blessing dress. Someday. I have one more DIY project to show you for Ruth's room but I don't have a pic right now.

I made myself a moby wrap... it's good but it could be better if I could find the right fabrication... this one is stretchy but not enough... it needs more spandex in it. It's slim pickin's at my favorite fabric store at 101 Clement... but it's only $1 per yard so you can't beat that. Ruth's strawberry costume and throw pillow makeover #3 behind her.. (sorry you can't really see the pillow.. but Ruth is way more important)

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Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

I love all your projects and I wish I could hang out with you and copy all your cute stuff!! Ruth is my favorite strawberry ever! I kind of want to eat her up!!