Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Little Girls Coat

This is the last project I completed. It is a little girls coat. I made it for my sister, Britney, for her birthday. I figured if she has three girls, it will fit one of them (probably Vivian) and the Avery can grow into it. The fabric is corduroy and it is lined on the hem, cuffs, and pockets with a cotton floral print. I used a pattern for this project, but I made a few changes. Thats my favorite thing about knowing how to make patterns (thanks to Dr. Burnham, BYU).... for most things, it takes too long to make a flat pattern because then you usually have to make a muslin mock up and then make some more changes, then alterations, etc. But knowing how to make them helps me follow any pattern really easily. Plus, although you won't find me making a whole pattern from scratch, I do love to make little changes like... changing the collar, bands, cuffs, add more/less flare or gather, etc. For this coat I added a hem band and the gathered cuffs. I contemplated doing bound buttons holes, but then I came up with this rosette/snap idea.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Meesh introduced me to this audition from Happiness. It makes me happy. I secretly love a couple of her dance moves and want to do them myself. I just love it so much because she dance like me.... from the soul!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


-I was so proud of Eric today. Every time I looked at what he was doing on this laptop, I saw him working on our family history. Turns out, he was really working on his NCAA tournament brackets.

-I watched some of Matilda on TV today while Eric was taking a nap. You know the part where the family watches tv while eating dinner? Well, I thought... man that's horrible. Families need to sit together at a table, away from the tv, and have some meaningful conversation. Well... Meesh came over for dinner and guess what happened? We ate dinner on our couch because my sewing projects are all over our table (it's the only flat surface in our apartment for me to work) And guess what else? Eric is addicted to watching ESPN so the TV was on. Michele and I tried to get him to turn off the TV but that never happened. Oh well.. for today, we were a dysfunctional family that ate dinner in front of the TV.

-Eric, Michele, and I played Clue. Eric won. We also played Sequence... Eric won again. You know what's sad? Eric and I are so competitive at games, that I would rather have Michele win over Eric... if I didn't have a chance to win of course.

-I have been teaching elementary school lately. I like it... turns out, kids will be really good if you threaten to take away 5 minutes of Heads Up Seven Up, four corners, or a game of silent ball. Ya, whenever we have a 5-10 min gap of extra time, I let them play those games. I'm a pretty cool sub just for that. haha

-Eric and I love to hang out with Rachel and Spencer. Last night, after we watched the BYU game (sad) we went to Diego's Taco Shop. We ended up hanging out there forever just talking... we were there long enough for Eric to have 7 or 8 Dr. Peppers. That was just enough to keep him up til 4 in the morning, with the time change of course.

-Wanna know what else I do to make money besides substitute teach? I was a waitress once at Rachel's reception hall. I will be a live-in nanny for 4 days pretty soon. I will go from having no kids to having 5. The other thing I do is I make baby bibs and burp cloths for sale. I have lots if anyone is interested.

-I guess the only other thing that is new with me is that I am expecting. I had somewhat of an emergency doctors apt this week due to spotting. The Dr. did an ultrasound and checked a bunch of things including the heart beat and placenta. Everything is fine and I got a cool ultrasound pic. from the visit.

-Going to the Dr. made me think of how much emotional baggage an OBGYN would have to deal with everyday. For one, pregnant women are emotional to begin with, and second, if he told me something was wrong with the baby or that I was miscarrying, I would have started crying and he would have had to deal with me right then. For my first ultrasound, when I saw my tiny baby, tears just started rolling down my face...it was a laugh slash cry. I was just so amazed that my pregnancy was real... there really was something growing inside of me and it was mine.... my baby. Okay... so it's hard to explain but I was instantly in love. The baby was moving and kicking so much that Eric said, "It's probably a boy with ADHD."

-One last thing I have been thinking of.. When I have a family of my own, I want to be like my sister Britney. I don't want to become the mom that says no to everything in life.. just because I have a baby. I know that having a child will mean that I have to sacrifice some things (ex- no dental mission to Honduras, no going fishing to Alaska..bc it's too close to my due date) But I am talking about the everyday things like getting out, and seeing family, and going on trips. The best example I can give is my sister Britney: We had an Anderson family reunion a couple summers ago at Marjorie Hinckley Camp... yes camping. Jaren was not able to attend because of work. Britney has four children and 2 (3?) were in diapers, and one just a nursing infant. Most mothers would say "forget about it" and not go... but not Britney. She cannot miss out on family time. She came without Jaren and brought her 4 young children by herself. She had the infant, Avery, strapped to her the whole trip and didn't let anything stop her from being there for that famous trip that we will always remember. I also don't want to become that mom that says "Oh I just started nursing," every time the family is all ready to leave... especially when the event has been planned weeks in advanced. I know this will be hard but if my sister Britney can do it, than so can I... right????