Sunday, May 18, 2008

No More Finals Crap!

Ok, I am now an official blogger. My roommate, Brittany, made a blog last fall and ever since then I thought it would be fun to make one for myself. I'm pretty crazy during my semesters at BYU. I kept myself from making one because I thought it would distract me from my studies. I know... what loser would admit that?

On the very last day of the semester the mailman knocked on our apartment door. He asked for a "Jillian Anderson." I said "That's me!" That's when he handed me a plunger. I thought it was the funniest thing because it wasn't even packaged. The mailman said it was the most interesting thing he's ever delivered.

I didn't have to read the words that were written all over it to know it was from Elder Ringer. The letter wrapped around and around, from bottom to top. It read, "Dear Jillian, I know that all this "finals crap" has got you pretty stressed so I hope this plunger makes you smile."

It made me smile for sure. So now that I'm done with all the finals crap, I am aloud to spend a few minutes making this blog. I'm happy to be home with my family and work for my dad every weekday this summer.


Brittany Benson said...

That is so funny!! i cant believe that you never told me that story!! gosh i cant wait to be your roommate again so i dont miss out on these things! i am so glad you have a blog now... and it wont distract you in the fall i think someone else will be doing that :) starts with an E and ends with a ric.... love you lets go see that movie!

karly angela zobrist said...

I love that. im also really glad you started a blog.
lets play when I get back, ok?

Alyssa Joy said...

You are the cutest Jilly!