Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Worlds

I'm sitting in my room all alone.
At least that's how it would appear.
Something else is keeping me company.
You may think it's these sweet beats forming a melody
But really I'm just talking to my dear.
Wondering how I talk to someone who isn't near?

It's easy: I take out paper and a pen.
As I write to him I slip into a world of my own.
I'm no longer writing; I'm talking to him.
He's with me, lending a listening ear.
As I spill my thoughts,
He smiles and gently nods in response.

I close my conversation lovingly,
And fade back to what you may call reality.

But I keep him in my heart,

Only to look forward to the next time,

When I slip into my world of sweet sublime.

-Jillian Anderson
August 19, 2007

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