Monday, July 18, 2011

Bassinet Project

Here is the finished product of my bassinet project! Thanks Sherry for letting me have your bassinet. I totally love it. Eric tightened all the screws so it is sturdy and good to go now. Thanks Melinda for helping me get the fabric. I had so much fun with this. For this project, I picked apart all the old fabric and used that as my pattern to sew a new cover. I reused all the piping and boning which was a nice and convenient option. I also made velcro closures on both ends so I can take the whole thing off and wash it in the future.

This is the new dust ruffle that ties on to the storage below the bassinet.

This is the fabric I used to cover the little mattress. I made two of them so I can put a new one on while I wash the other one.

Here is the pleated skirt around the bassinet. I know its not a big part of the picture, but all the solid cream you see on the bassinet is this new fabric that I love.. Forget Minky dot fabric, it's all about the Minky Paisley!!! It's so soft and cozy. This fabric is the reason why my project took a month longer than expected. I was just waiting for this fabric order to come into a local quilt shop in Vegas. I just couldn't settle for the white... I had to wait for the cream.

Thanks Sherry for the bassinet. My baby is going to LOVE it!


Adams Family said...

This is so beautiful!!! I love

Kathy Anderson said...

Just wonderful and marvelous! You are a great seamstress. I just wish you could have blogged that I made it, or donated the bassinet or at least paid for it! Oh well...have a great day. Love Mom

Kathy Anderson said...

I also read your blog about your first melt down.....I am so sorry but I have an idea! I am going to send you 36 dollars. 6 x 6 is 36 so it will give you 6 free times to make a mistake or let you go somewhere even if you have to pay the toll fee! I love

Vegas Anderson Clan said...

My friend who's husband is at Harvard doing orthopedics, was given some advice from her sisters-in-law...don't stress about the little money you need to spend here and there to keep you sane-it's not that much in the big picture of it all. So don't let $6 stress you too much. =) Nate and I have way more costly mistakes and we just forgot them. =) love you!!

Tricia said...

That is so pretty! You did a really good job on it. :)