Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Wish List

Ok, so I have been looking on craigs list for furniture under the "free stuff". We need dressers really bad for our second room. Nothing good was ever showing up on the "free stuff" section... and even when something decent showed up, the people would never get back to me. So I decided to look in the "not so free" section, and I found these beauties. I want them so bad... but they are way out of my price range.... especially because my price range right now is $0.00. I made a really super low offer that the owner might laugh at, but I couldn't help but take my sorry chances anyway.

Here is the link.

SF has some super nice things to offer because people who live here are RICH! (I think only the Ringer's can remember how me, Eric, and now Mont, say "RICH")

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Tricia said...

We're dealing with the same thing here in Monterey. We finally gave up trying to find a dresser for the baby's room and just bought a changing table.