Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ruth's first month of life

Here are some pictures to go with this post. Ruth has grown so much and SO fast!

Ruth is 4 weeks old today. I have enjoyed being a mom. Ruth is a very good baby. Here are some of her favorites.

-She loves mommy's milk. She eats every 3 hours on the dot.

-She LOVES her swing more than any other place... except mommy's arms of course. I just hope she will learn to like her bassinet as much as the swing.

-She loves her MAM pacifier. When she is going to sleep, she cries if it comes out of her mouth. It is tragic... but once she gets if back, she stops crying immediately.

-Ruth loves to be swaddled. She is really good at prying her arms out. Only mom knows how to swaddle her tight enough. Ruth is really squirmy when she isn't swaddled.

-Ruth is really strong. She can already hold her head up.

-Ruth loves to sleep less during the day than in the night. (we are still working on that)

-Ruth loves to sleep on dad's chest in the middle of the night. When I have fed, burped, changed, swaddled her, and played her binki game.. and she still isn't going to sleep, and it's 2am.. and I need a break... that's when daddy steps in.

-Ruth is good at eating. She weighed her birth weight at 1 week, 6lbs 14oz. And at her two week she gained over a pound. The doctor said she would have been happy if she gained 7 oz.

-Ruth loves her godparents Jordan and Ali. (Preface on Jordan..I call Jordan, "Eric's husband" because they study together and they are with each other more than Eric is with me... Scratch that.. Eric is with Jordan ALL DAY EVERY DAY... except Eric sleeps in my bed at night.) Anyway, Jordan established himself as Ruth's Godfather. We accepted.. although I don't think we had a choice. And Ali is my BF.. she is not the Godmother by default.. She earned it and we asked her to be her Godmother. She takes good care of Ruth. She holds her, changes her diaper, changes her clothes, burps her, puts her to sleep, she does it all (except feed her of course).

-And lastly.. I almost forgot about her dolphin grunt. She grunts a lot and it's cute because it really does sound like a dolphin.

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Kathy Anderson said...

Darling pictures of Ruth! Keep up the good work of documenting Ruth's life, loves and dreams! Mom (Grandma Kathy)