Monday, September 5, 2011

Ruth's 1 Week Pics

I am so glad my friend Gena was willing to do Ruth's newborn pics. If I didn't get these pics I would have cried. Ruth has already grown so much so it was really important to me that we were able to capture this moment. At Ruth's 1 week doctors appointment she weighed her birth weight and at 2 weeks she gained over a pound!! This time is going by way too fast for me. The only part that doesn't go by fast is every night from 10pm to 2am when Ruth doesn't sleep :)

Here are the pictures.

Thanks so much Gena!! You are so talented!

The white blanket was hand crocheted by Grandma Ringer and her headband was made by mommy. :)

Oh ya and p.s. My due date was yesterday! Thank goodness she came earlier.


Adams Family said...

These pictures are so sweet, she is beautiful! oh man those nights of no sleep are the hardest!! but it goes by so quick!

Brittany Seager said...

BEAUTIFUL. love you, i know you are one of the best mommas out there. ruth is so lucky, and so are you cause she is absolutely darling. xo

Kathy Anderson said...

Just beautiful and Ruths picture is breathtaking! Love you all....grandma Kathy

Tricia said...

Oh my gosh, those picture are so precious! Congratulation again, Jillian. She is beautiful.

Tom and Layne Fender said...

she's soo cute... and i'm so jealous.. wish mine would come early!!! at least we know she'll be here, ready or not, on wednesday!!! congrats on being a mommy jill!!!