Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fly Fishing The Green River

Fishing the Green River was where my dad gave me my first fly fishing lessons. I figured I had to give it a try since it is Eric's new favorite hobby.... In fact, he's pretty much obsessed with it after taking a fly fishing class this last semester. I learned it's not so easy!

Zach and Eric had a fish on at the same time!

We floated down in our blue raft, but this is a picture of when we stopped the raft to fish in a good spot for a while. Nice catch Eric!

I quit fishing by the end because I am not that good at it. Instead, I put myself in charge of netting all Eric's fish, taking the hook out, and attempting to get a picture with his fish. This is the only shot he got of this fish because I am not good at holding them up... They are so slippery! I dropped this one back in the water.

This fish was caught on a dry fly, but I can't tell what kind because it's a fly fisherman's secret that I can't give away.
My dad designated Eric as the target to be the blame for the person that forgot our ice chest of food. My mom packed us lunches and snacks for us to eat, but Eric forgot to put it in the raft so we had to float down the river all day without food. This was my favorite part of that day. I was starving!!!


Melinda said...

You are great fishermen and fisherwoman!! Loved the pictures!
Love, Melinda

Kathy Anderson said...

Cute couple, cuter fish .... ha! Mom