Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!! Part 2

Eric is 23 so we are going to tell you 23 reasons why you are the greatest mom/mother-in-law!!!

(from jillian)
1. When you laugh really hard you get Asian eyes and cry!
2. You are a top-notch seminary teacher.
3. You always have FHE and teach us about the scriptures.
4. You let us live in the basement last summer and fed us amazing meals!
5. You took care of Eric when he was a tired, exhausted, dehydrated, bug boy.
6. You had Eric, so that someday he could be my best friend and husband.
7. You go on walks with me and talk to me about anything I need help with.
8. You cook the most amazing meals.
9. You sew amazing quilts, like the one that hangs over our couch.
10. You are fun to play card games with, even if I lose every time.
11. You are very thoughtful and get us gifts on our birthdays and holidays.
12. You take us to Lake Powell and Pickleville Playhouse, so we can be closer as a family.

(from eric)
12. You make Eric smoothies.
13. Thanks for potty training me.
14. Thanks for taking me to the doctor when I broke my leg.... even if it was a month late.
15. You are good at telling us the stories of Les Mis and Phantom while we were on car trips.
16. Thanks for taking us to Lion King.
17. You make my favorite oatmeal cookies.
18. You are good at forgiving me when I scared you and made you cry when you were having a bad day.
19. Thanks for still being my mom when I came home from school with my chop slips.
20. You bought me my first guitar.
21. You supported me by coming to all my volleyball games.
22. You are the only one I can count on to laugh at my dumbest jokes.
23. You helped me prepare to be a good missionary.

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Melinda said...

I love you two! Thanks for the sweet things you said on your blog! It was a wonderful Mother's Day gift! You're the best!
Love, Melinda