Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!! Part 1

Thank you for the wonderful influence you are to me. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!
I am 22 years old so here is 22 things I am grateful for!

1. Thanks for teaching me the gospel.
2. Thanks for always knowing what is best for me.
3. Thanks for taking me on mother-daughter outings... just you and me.
4. Thanks for teaching me the importance of education.
5. Thanks for teaching me how to clean and work hard.
6. Thanks for introducing me to my favorite hobby... sewing!
7. Thanks for all the Blueberry Hill breakfast outings... even the ones before early morning seminary. (Thanks for waking me up every day for seminary.)
8. Thanks for having one other girl so I could at least have one sister!!!!
9. Thanks for picking out my husband, before I even knew I would love and marry him someday.
10. Thanks for picking me out clothes better than I can pick them out for myself.
11. Thanks for supporting me in all my sports and dance... but mostly sports!!!!
12. Thanks for being the best example of fulfilling church callings.
13. Thanks for curling my hair with your curlers whenever I asked.
14. Thanks for helping me when I was sick.
15. Thanks for teaching me to have good habits, like being early and keeping commitments.
16. Thanks for planning my wedding and helping me get my wedding dress.
17. Thanks for making me my favorite meals growing up.
18. Thanks for supporting me with my schooling at BYU.
19. Thanks for doing my laundry growing up.
20. Thanks for helping me organize my apartment.
21. Thanks for my favorite portrait of Christ... It's hanging up in our living room.
22. Thanks for being the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for!!!!!

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Kathy Anderson said...

Thank you for the wonderful Mothers Day list! I loved it and I love you! Love Mom