Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Instagram Dump for the Grandmas

This is just for you Mom and Melinda!!

I left Ruth for the first time to go to dinner and the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premier with a ton of girls from my ward. Eric did such a good job with Ruth. I was so happy to come home to this sight... even though Ruth took my spot.

Congratulations Ruth!.. You discovered your hand. I always catch her starring at it. One day she will realize she can control it and that it is attached to her body.

Ruth's pictures like this look just like Eric's baby pictures. She is so smiley and it is too much fun. p.s. Ruth loves tummy time now.. She rolled over for the fourth time today.

Thanks for the cute sleeper Aunt Jaclyn!

Thanks for the hoodie cousin Remington and/or Alyssa! We love hand-me-downs.

Ruth loves Daddy.. She doesn't care how he holds her.. she just wants to be close.

Ruth LOVES bath time.. She smiles alot but it's hard to get a picture because the second I put my iphone up to take a pic, she gets really intrigued by it and stares at it. This is the closest i got. She sticks her tongue out, makes toot noises, and bubbles too.

Ruth's first pedicure.

Ruth loves it when dad sings and plays the guitar for her.

This is what happens when Ruth is tired of sitting in her bumbo.

Date night.. out on the town for some famous sandwiches and Bite Right ice cream.


Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Thanks for sharing, Ruth is the cutest little baby and I am so excited that my baby will be her friend!! Go Ruth!! said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!