Friday, November 4, 2011

Vegas Trip

Clara and Vivi holding Ruth. Vivian's middle name is Ruth, so Britney and I always tell her that I named my baby after her.

My mom and I went on a walk/did visiting teaching for an hour and a half. Grandpa was very nice to watch Ruth for me. When I came back, this is how I found them. It made me laugh.

My mom and I started the day out by doing some shopping. We hit the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I got some jeans and bought some of my makeup that was running out. Then we hit up H&M at the forum shops. We got Ruth some WAY cute outfits.. this being one of them.

Then my parents took me on a date. We saw the movie Moneyball.. it was really good.. minus the two "f" words. Then we went bowling.. I opted out of this one so I could nurse Ruth and then hold her.. but it was still way fun.

Then after the movie and bowling, we went to Outback. Justin and Lily came in to town so they met up with us.
Lily needed a friend because Clara and Vivi don't live here anymore. We had a sleepover. Her daddy didn't pack her PJ's, so we both pulled out my Grandma Vivian's nightgowns and wore those to be matching. We watched Anastasia and then fell asleep. This is the morning after.. we look fabulous when we wake up after our beauty rest. :)DAY 4
Clara Lynn's Baptism.


karly said...

she is already so big!! she is so beautiful, you look cute too jilly!

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Fun visit!!! I love that baby Ruth!!