Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ruth is 12 weeks months today

Eric and I have enjoyed our 3 months of parenthood. Ruth has been so good to me. I'm so lucky to have an instant friend all the time while Eric has long school days. Ruth is a very happy/smiley baby. I'll never forget the first time she told me, "I love you." It was when she was almost 8 weeks old.. After a middle-of-the-night feeding, I was holding her, looking down at her, and I said, "I love you." She cooed back.. and that was how she said it. To make sure it was real, I said "I love you" again and she cooed back. That's also the first conversation we had. Here are some updates on my 3-month-old baby girl.

  • Ruth sleeps through the night!!! She has since she was 9 weeks old...
  • Ruth has always been a good eater.. she eats at 7:30/8am, 12pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm, and 9:30pm.. I am breast feeding.. but if I want to pump, she takes a bottle.
  • She takes a few good solid naps (9:30ish-noonish and 2-3:30 and 8:30-9:30) and then some cat naps here and there. (She goes to bed at 11:30 or midnight right now)
  • Ruth smiles alot!!! It is so much fun.
  • She talks alot too.. especially after her morning feeding and when daddy comes home at night... But if she's awake.. she'll always talk to you.. you just have to initiate the conversation. Ruth always loves it when someone will talk with her.
  • Ruth is so strong.. she holds her head up really well.
  • She can do tummy time (not long because she likes to look around)
  • She can sit in the bumbo for a bit.
  • Ruth can sleep many places.. bassinet at night, swing in the day, and now she can sleep on a bed, a couch, and a crib (we discovered the last three when I went home to Vegas where there was no swing. She slept in the crib every night.)
  • Ruth used to sleep with the sound of the ocean or water or heart beat or rain.... but when I was in Vegas, I got something even better!!! It is "A Child's Prayer: Primary Songs For Bedtime" I usually just do 1 or 2 songs on repeat. Last night, Eric and I thought it was cute when she was singing to "I am like a Star". She cooed with the beat.. it was so cool.
  • Ruth still LOVES her pacifier and of course.. the swaddle.
  • Ruth LOVES to look around. She doesn't like to face out when I hold her (unless she's going to sleep) and she likes to be positioned where she can see the most. For the last month, her eyes follow her little fishies that move in a circle above her swing. Recenlty she discovered her hand.. she stares at it as it moves around. When her hand gets close to her face, she goes cross-eyed. It's funny. She also sucks on her fist now when I don't give her the paci.
  • Ruth is a little more vocal/fussy in the evenings now.. but I'm not complaining because she sleeps for me.
  • Wondering why she has no clothes on in these pics? Because she just blew out.. She goes through 3 outfits just about everyday... thanks to oxyclean, I can get her mustard yellow poops off even whitest clothes. Anyway, here is our photo session from this after noon. Happy 3 months Ruth!
She does this face alot too..

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! Some of those with the big smiles look like her Dad!!
Keep those cute pictures coming!
Love, Mom